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If there is any wisdom to be taken from Max’s life, it is that Moments Are Xtraordinary and all of your moments and Xperiences shouldn’t be taken for granted. So we invite you to “give life attention”, as Max has said, and share one or many of your Xtraordinary moments. This is a place to gather and share photos and videos of ways that you “LiveLikeMax”. Whether you travel somewhere new, go to a concert, experience the perfect moment, or are doing something off of the LiveLikeMax checklist, we want to hear about it and be apart of your experience.  Post your photos and videos through Instagram (#LiveLikeMax) and they will be uploaded here in this part of our website. Here is our official LiveLikeMax check list:

LiveLikeMax Community

Moments Are Xtraordinary

Go The Distance

Do A Cross-Fit Session

Participate In A Tough Mudder

Play Your Favorite Sport With Love And Passion

Ride A Mountain Bike For At Least 10 Miles

Run At Least 20 Miles

Run In A Marathon

Run With The Navy Seals


“Give Life Attention”

Build A Bon Fire At Sunset And Hang Out Until Sunrise

Go To A Music Festival Or Concert 

Laugh until you cry

Host a party or get together

Ride every ride at Cedar Point

Dance All Night To Old School Music And Sing Every Word As Loud As You Can With Your Closest Friends

Grow A Beard

Throw a Pool Party

Look For Shooting Stars

Do Something Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Play A Game Of Ultimate Frisbee

Learn To Play A Song On The Piano

Be Able Point Out At Least One Constellation

Relax In A Hot Tub

Stay Up All Night Star Gazing From Sunset To Sunrise

Visit A Planetarium

Watch A Meteor Shower

Catch A Sunrise Or Sunset

Go To A Red Wings Game

Go To A Tiger’s Game

Paddle Board

Stand In The Surf

Go to the Apple Orchard for Cider And Donuts

Enjoy A Good Fish Taco

Enjoy A Good Chicken Shwarma

Enjoy Quality Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Go To An LA Lakers Game

Go Sledding At Midnight With your Best Friends And/Or Siblings

Sit On A Dock With A Cold Beverage Watching The Sunset While Listening To Your Favorite Song

Learn And Recite Any Ten WWII Facts

Learn A New Skill Or Craft

Learn A Taylor Swift Song And Sing It Out Loud Every Time It Comes On

Discover A New Artist Or Song As Often As Possible- Be Open To Different Genres Of Music

Create The Best Playlist For The Perfect Moments In Life


Family First

Do Something Special For A Family Member

Grill For Your Family

Make Fried Chicken And Waffles With A Sibling Or Best Friend

Watch A Good Movie With Your Entire Family

Go On A Trip/ Vacation With Your Family To Somewhere None Of You Have Ever Been

Tell Your Family How Much You Love Them

Start A Tradition With Your Family Or Siblings

Play With Your Pets

Teach Your Pet A New Trick


Go On An Adventure

Take A Trip To New Zealand

Hike Through A Rainforest In Costa Rica

Climb A Mountain

Visit One Of The Great Lakes And Get Your Feet Wet

Take A Ride In A Jeep With Your Favorite Song Playing

Do A Canadian Fly In

Spend A Weekend In Traverse City, Michigan

Go To Fish Town At Lake Leelanau, Michigan

Stand At The Top Of Camel Back Mountain In Scottsdale, Arizona

Visit San Diego

Do A Zip Line Course In Jamaica

Relax In Key West

Take A Trip To Italy

Party In The Dominican Republic

Vacation With Your Loved Ones In The Virgin Islands

See The Northern Lights In Alaska

Ski Or Snowboard With Your Favorite Friends In Northern Michigan

Relax At The Beach In Mexico

Get Lost In The Rocky Mountains

Go Deep Sea Fishing In The Florida Keys

Catch A Mahi Mahi

Catch A Walleye

Catch A Northern Pike

Find A Hidden Beach

Take A Road Trip

Go Surfing

Visit A Historical Place Or Landmark

Do a Polar Bear Plunge


Max's Book List

Breaking Buds: How Regular Guys Can Become Navy Seals By Dh Xavier

Damn Few- Making The Modern Seal Warrior By Rorke Denver And Ellis Henican

Fearless By Eric Blehm

Going Long By Joe Friel

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell By Tucker Max

Inside Delta Force By Eric L. Haney

Kill Bin Laden By Dalton Fury

Let My People Go By Yvon Chouinarc

Meditations By Marcus Aurelius 

No Easy Day By Kevin Maurer And Matt Bissonnette

The Buffalo Creek Disaster By Gerald M. Stern

The Denial Of Death By Ernest Becker

The Killer Angels By Michael Shaara

The Red Circle By Brandon Tyler Webb And John David Mann


Max's Movie List

The Last Of The Mohicans

Saving Private Ryan

The Road To Perdition

American History X

Wedding Crashers



Mean Girls

The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

Cider House Rules

Dead Poets Society

Star Wars Trilogy

The Lone Survivor

Cast Away

The Conjuring

Paranormal Series

Zero Dark Thirty

Three Days Of The Condor

The Godfather Series

Jeepers Creepers (The Original)

The Breakfast Club




Dances With Wolves

Fight Club

Inglorious Bastards

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo



go the distance
give life attention
family first

LiveLikeMax Playlist

Featuring Some of his Top Song Selections 


Featured Xtraordinary Moments

A letter from Savanna Brooks

I wanted to share a little story with you, I figured you would be able to let the Pardingtons know they are phenomenal people in the eyes of my son. I was able to attend the Wine Dinner earlier this year and I brought home a macaroon for Mason (he’s 6) on a Live Like Max napkin, he asked me all about Max and I read him the story about Max’s life on their website and we scrolled thru many photos we found online. This was back in March and since then Mason is continually reminding me that he wants to “Live Like Max”. All summer when we would go for walks and bike rides, he was always saying in a happy tune “were going to live like Max today!”. He experienced the BMX track for the first time and crashed his bicycle getting a bloody nose and on our way home I asked if he had fun despite his crash, and he told me he  has fun because he lived like Max. It melts my heart every time he mentions his new life motto seeing the impact the story of Max’s life has left on him. He is always asking me to embark on big adventures and see fun things, we had talked about going to see the Northern Lights recently and he asked me if Max had ever seen them, I explained that I wasn’t sure but that we could go one day and see them FOR Max, just in case he hadn’t had the chance. Max is living on thru so many people, but he is truly in the footsteps of Mason. I cannot imagine the loss of a child, but seeing my boy keep the fun loving spirit of Max alive is heartwarming and I know his family would be proud as well. I believe I was put in my role here to make a difference, never thinking that the difference I would make wouldn’t be with the patients, students, and families I see at work every day but at home with a boy who pushed me to be where I am today.

Featured Xtraordinary Moments

Run in a Marathon

Dear Pardington Family,

I was friends with Max in high school and at Michigan State. I think of him all the time, and I never take off my Live Like Max bracelet. Over the weekend I ran in the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon and I wanted to make sure I did something to support him and raise awareness for Live Like Max. I made a shirt that would support Live Like Max and another friend's organization. I just wanted to show you the shirt, and let you know I could tell Max was with me the whole time.


Kaitlyn Kwiecinski

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