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Who We Are

Maxwell John Pardington died on June 10, 2014 from “ Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy” otherwise known as an enlarged heart. His death was extremely unexpected as Max was exceptionally healthy and fit. It pains our family to know that one quick, easy procedure could have spotted this defect in his heart, and he might still be alive today. However, since there were no outward signs or symptoms to let anyone know that anything was wrong, Max never received an echocardiogram or EKG. Since Max’s death, we have come to understand that many of the athletes that you hear have “dropped dead” on courts and fields die from various versions of this defect, yet most physicians and coaches do not push for or discuss getting an echocardiogram or EKG prior to athletic participation.


Our Number One Goal

As the LiveLikeMax Foundation, our number one goal is spreading awareness to all student athletes and their families (this can be hereditary) about “athlete’s heart” and the importance of getting checked yearly to avoid this senseless death. Our second goal for this foundation is to provide echocardiograms and electrocardiogramsthrough Beaumont Hospitals “Healthy Heart Check” program student athletes at no cost and push to make healthy heart screens a mandatory part of all high school athletic physicals. Lastly, we created this foundation as a way to remember how precious life is and how we should always be living life to the fullest and searching for the next big adventure in our lives. Max lived his life this way and although he was taken too early from this life, it is the legacy he leaves behind. We hope to remind people: In all you do, Live Like Max.


For more information on how to help, visit the “How You Can Help” page.


Our Board

JOHN PARDINGTON- Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board
LISA PARDINGTON- Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board; Treasurer
CLAIRE PARDINGTON- Board Member; Creative Director
EMILY PARDINGTON- Board Member; Fundraiser Coordinator
JACK PARDINGTON- Board Member; Fundraiser and Social Media Coordinator


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